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About us

Wholesale is one of the main parts of our business activity.


Our offer is addressed to people engaged in setting up gardens, garden shops and centres as well as other professionals in the garden industry.

With over 20 years of experience in the garden industry, we can be proud of our low prices, high discounts for Customers, and a wide range of products tailored individually to the needs of any particular entrepreneur involved in the garden sector.

The products that we sell wholesale include anti-mole netting, garden edging, agrofabrics and agrotextiles (we create small sets from large rolls), privacy and shade screens and grass seeds.


Private lables:

We offer cooperation based on your own private label. For larger orders, on request, you can order goods bearing your own brand name or with your own label.


Any questions? Want to find out more about our offer?


Feel free to contact us via:
- our consultant, Maciej Bojarski, at +48 603 654 474
- email: hurt@rolmarket.pl
- our online wholesale panel: hurt.rolmarket.pl

We also invite you to take a virtual walk around our company: 



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